Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So let me catch you up on some stuff thats been going on this past week! :-)

I've been staying consistent with my workout! And I am in the recovery phase of Insanity. Insanity is all well and good, a hard workout and I def feel fitter, but I'm lacking definition. So, with that I brought out the 25lb kettlebell and dumbbells. So now hopefully my results will continue to improve. :-) Oh and that Warrior Dash in May is gonna here before I know it! I have a little over 4 months to train and I can't tell you how excited I am. I have a brand new pair of running shoes coming in the mail (I have flat feet, what can I say?) haha, and I can't wait to start running outside.

my new running shoes !
women's dyad 6 from
(I know, they're not cute at all, but they had great reviews for people with flat feet that need extra support---MEE!)

So on to a totally different and random topic, ghosts! I'm not just into fitness ya know ;)
I started being more interested and I guess you could say, more aware, of ghosts, spirits, and angels about a year ago. I've read some books and done some research and I think it's just all really cool and interesting. If you don't believe in that kind of stuff, that's fine and that's your own opinion. It is what it is.

But I've been reading some books by authors such as Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh. Right now I'm reading, "Ghosts Among Us" by James Van Praagh that my aunt let me borrow. Thanks to her, she's the reason I became so attentive to this kind of stuff. This book is really awesome so far and it really lets you know that you don't really die, because ghosts truely are among us every day, everywhere. Anyways, he does a better job explaining it than I do, so if you like to read, i HIGHLY recommend his books!

Which reminds me, I went to this place called Uplifting Connections on saturday when my friend Ally came to visit me! If anyone is from MA, or the south shore area in general, I def recommend checking this place out. It'ss on route 104 in Bridgewater. There's also a place similiar to Uplifting Connections, called Women of Wisdom in Easton, which is only about 20 minutes away and right down the street from Stonehill college. Either one, they're both awesome. And they pretty much offer the same stuff like gemstones, chakra oil, books, meditation cd's, classes for readings, etc.

Oh! I almost forgot, this week I tried eggplant, it was alright. It kind of had a taste tht you would have to get used to? Who knows, maybe I need to try w ways of making it. ANY IDEAS?! :-)

                                             Eggplant, cut, and ready to be put in the oven!
The outcome!
I added low fat cheddar cheese, and left over buffalo chicken and served it on top of Ezekiel pasta!


Anyways, moving onnnnnnnnn..

I also have some sad news too :-( I wasn't able to move into school, money was too tight after the holidays. But I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. But this leads to some more decisions...

So I got to thinking, if I have to finish my undergrad at home with ma' and dad, then i HAVE to go away for grad school (grad school is not an option for my career, it's a must). So I started looking around online and pretty much decided that I hate the snow and driving in it (I know, I'm a whimp) but whatever. And I basically fell in love with some schools down south, mostly in sunny, no snow, Floridaaaaaa. worddddd. Even thoughI wouldn't be going to grad school for at least a year and a half (wellllllllp, that's gonna come fast!!). But I realized I'm going to have to eventually make this decision. I'm obviously going to look at schools in MA, since Boston has some amazing Speech Language Pathology and Audiology programs, but they're just so much more expensive. I figured out some pricing and it would be cheaper for me to move to florida, attend UCF or FSU, have an apartment and a dog, than it would be for me to live at home and commute to Boston University. BU is just so damn expensive. Do I REALLY want to pay almost $50 grand a year for school? wtffffff. Who knows there are also other programs too like at Worcester State and Bridgewater (my school) might even have the masters program by the time I graduate with my bachelors. But then I'm always going to think, what if I went away? Will I regret not trying? I know I was making the tough decision on whether or not to transfer just last spring and I went through with it and guess what, I couldn't be happier. So what about my decision with grad school? I think I;m just worried I'll be homesick that's all.

                                                                 Snow storm in MA
where's the street? haha :-D
ehhh, Florida is sounding better and better, seriously!

So the question of the day.. if you went to college, did you go far away or stay close to home? If you did go far away, how did you adjust to living far from home?


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  1. Eggplant is much better when it is kept moist. When it gets to dry it changes the taste and the texture. One of the best ways to cook eggplant is to saute it in a little bit of butter or oil. I would use either olive or canola oil. Hope that helps. =)