Friday, February 18, 2011

the imitation queen!

So again, my 4 year old niece makes the blog by imitating ! haha she starts off by imitating my dad as she "reads the newspaper"

haha, she's quite the little comedian

More good news!.. :-)
I recently got hire as a substitute teacher for children who are deaf and hard of hearing... so exciting! So i'll be working at an elementary school right by BSU. The kids are all so cute and really sweet. Plus I'm excited to be using more sign language! And for those who don't know, I am on the way to becoming fluent in sign language :-) t's a beautiful language and so far, it's been my favorite 2nd language to learn and the easiest to pick up. Not only are you watching someone make the signs, but your hearing what word it means and you're also practicing along, making your own hand shapes. So I think that's why it's so much easier for me to pick up on ASL, it's actually an interactive language Anyways, for anyone who is interested in taking sign language, I strongly encourage it!

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